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Post 9 of 40 of the Humanist Lent Writing Project

A while back now a good friend of mine Cary Walski presented at the 2010 Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Technology and Communications Conference. She spoke about Metrics that Matter. In the presentation I was interviewed about my work at my former job (First Universalist Church of Minneapolis) and the amazing Laura Matanah was interviewed about Rainbow Rumpus: the online magazine for youth with LGBT parent (of which I am a board member).

This got me thinking about how people tie together different communities and work in the nonprofit sector. I give, volunteer, or work for nonprofit organizations that cover: unitarain universalist communities, jewish communities, LGBT communities, humanist communities, atheist communities, higher education, and more.

Many of these organizations don’t work together in any real way but they are all advancing things that matter to me. At their core I see these and many more nonprofits advancing the ability to make choices for yourself and to make connections to people that might otherwise be hard to find. I see a parallel here to the debate going on at the federal level in defunding public broadcasting. I know myself and other liberal friends of mine have been thinking about do we want things like NPR funded because we like them or because they really should? A friend posted something about this that I hadn’t thought of coming from Minneapolis, home of Minnesota Public Radio — for smaller communities public broadcasting is sometimes the only source for news. I have many ways to get to information in my life but others do not. When it comes down to it, that is why I love being in the nonprofit sector, the organizations I give my time, treasure, and talent to are creating opportunities for people learn, grow, and build community where they couldn’t before.

The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance. – Benjamin Franklin

3 thoughts on “Why I’m a Lifelong Nonprofiteer

  1. Great post, Kevin! Ah, my fellow compulsive new project starter, this is a brand blog for you! Did you tell me about this one when we hung out last? It must have been but a twinkle in your eye. I look forward to reading more.

    I agree what you say about MPR, and about the importance of groups, that are often nonprofit in nature, to tie together disparate communities. It’s something so easy to take for granted living in the Twin Cities, but this post is a great reminder, that, like NPR, these orgs may evaporate for those who need them most if we’re not careful.

    1. This project wasn’t even on my list when we lost chatted. It was one of those things that just kind of happened on weekend, it will hopefully fulfill part of my final project for the Humanist Institute, give me a writing outlet, and serve as a place for me to development my thoughts around Humanism all in one. It may also make waffle fries… I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of posting every day as well.

      Thanks for checking it out! I’m barely a quarter of the way through the kick off, much more to come!

  2. Wasn’t even on the radar screen, ha, I knew it!

    Posting everyday, man, that is an awesome experiment. You are totally inspiring me. I spend too much time agonizing over what to write and then not posting anything — I may just have to make a similar pact with myself.

    Also, I owe you a time for our scheming sesh, I will totally get back to you in 5….4…..3….

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