digital_lifeUPDATE: I am now moving back to as my primary digital home. One day, I hope to settle in a stay somewhere long enough to develop a solid following. Lets hope this is that time for the foreseeable future!

Hello loyal readers!

If you are seeing this, I am moving this blog’s posts to my primary website –

It is also a blog so you can subscribe to me there!

I’ve been doing a whole host of things the past few years:

  • blogging about humanism and other topics that catch my fancy
  • doing graphic and web design
  • branding and marketing for nonprofits and small businesses
  • performing non-theistic weddings
  • doing community building and volunteer work in humanist, atheist, and lgbt communities

Now, I’m trying to put all of that information in one place. I will blog there, have portfolios of work there, and have information about hiring me for various things there. This makes it so much easier to find me and for my business cards be reasonably legible all at the same time.

I’m doing this all under my tagline:

Kw: speaking, writing, designing


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