speaking_headerWhat I speak about

Humanism, atheism, and non-theists

Focuses include:

  • Introductions to these groups for theists
  • Talks to humanist and atheist groups about community building
  • Talks about how to incorporate technology and marketing into the work of non-theists, atheists, and humanists
  • The intersection of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) identities and non-theistic identities
  • The importance of bringing non-theists into interfaith work.

Marketing and Communications for non-profits

Focuses include:

  • Website Design & Development using WordPress
  • Social Media: basic introductions, how to integrate with other communications, and management
  • Online Communications to support community building
  • Online Communications to support development and fundraising

You can also see posts about more past speaking events I have been a part of by visiting my Speaking Archives.


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