headshot-167A bit about me:

I am a Unitarian Universalist Minister as well as an endorsed Humanist Celebrant with the Humanist Society and a member of the American Humanist Association.

I am registered to perform weddings in Minnesota, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and New York City.

The process I use for weddings:

  • Usually there are two meetings prior to the wedding day.
  • The First Meeting is for information gathering about the ceremony, getting to know you both, reviewing/signing the contract, assigning “homework” for the second meeting.
  • The Second Meeting is when we finalize things, this is usually closer to the wedding date. We would make sure that everything is in order, marriage license is in hand, ceremony details are complete.
  • Depending on how many people are involved we may also do a rehearsal.
  • What I currently don’t provide:
    • I don’t currently provide premarital counseling. This may come up when you get your marriage license, there can be a cost reduction for the license if you have a letter stating you have undergone premarital counseling. If you are interested in this service, be sure to contact me far in advance of your wedding day.

Other Services:

  • Baby Namings or Dedications
  • Coming of Age
  • Vow Renewals
  • Memorial Services


These services are free of charge for members of BuxMont UU Fellowship.

  • WEDDING: $400; with rehearsal $450;
    alternatively, 10% of total wedding budget plus current IRS mileage allowance
    with committal or eulogy $300 plus current IRS mileage allowance
  • SERMONS, WORSHIP SERVICES: $250 (one service) $300 (two services)
    $350 (three services) plus current IRS mileage allowance
  • OTHER PROGRAM SERVICES: $75 per hour of presentation plus current IRS mileage allowance
  • WORKSHOP OR THEME TALK: $250 for half day or $400 full day plus current IRS mileage allowance

If overnight lodging is required, the host organization/congregation assumes the cost. 


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